The top skateboard gear to look out for in 2018

The top skateboard gear to look out for in 2018

Are you a skateboard enthusiast and want to upgrade your skateboard with the top gear in 2018? Then you have come to the right place as we are going to share some information about top skateboard gear in this article. If you are a real enthusiast, you must have noticed that the professional skateboard experts always carry a bag with them when going for the practice.

They keep all the important accessories that they are going to use during the skateboarding. On the other hand, the beginners only keep their skateboard in their hands and start practicing different stunts believing that they are better than the experts. That is why these beginners suffer different accidents while the experts stay safe all the time.

The skateboard we have selected to share with you is not only going to help in keeping you secure but it will also change the look of your skateboard which means that your skateboard would look different and unique among all others. You may See here the list of top skateboard gear that you must buy in 2018.


A helmet is the most important accessory that you must buy in 2018. The helmet would help you make sure that you will stay safe while practicing your skills. Make sure that the helmet you are going to purchase has the ability to bear the dangerous effects of an accident.

You can also customize the look of your helmet by applying several crazy ideas if you want. Usually, people consider using the stickers for this purpose but you can also use some other creative ideas. There are different styles and designs of helmets available that can make you look different from others.


The sunglasses will not only make you look cool and attractive but they will also protect your eyes while you are practicing under the sun. The sunglasses will also protect your eyes from small insects that can be dangerous for your eyes while you are cruising at high speeds. There are no specific requirements for choosing the sunglasses. You can simply choose the sunglasses that suit you the best so that you can also use them in your daily routine.

Elbow and Knee pads

The elbow and knee pads are also very important for the skateboarding. These pads will protect you from different bruises and injuries if you have suffered from an accident. Your elbows and knees are at a great risk of getting damaged during the accident. Therefore, you must make sure that your elbows and knees are completely protected.


The backpack can be used to carry your skateboard with you with complete care. The backpack will protect your gear from getting stolen and it will also help in keeping all the things in one place. The backpacks are available at different prices so, you can easily find the one that is suitable for your budget.