Best muscle building supplements for BMX riders

Best muscle building supplements for BMX riders

Professional BMX riders know that one of the secrets to the success in their sport is a proper nutrition and dieting plan. Since the race can take the most of rider’s energy, they need to feed correctly to make through the race. The usual run can take around 900- to 1300-feet, and the challenging part is the obstacles they face in their ways, like hills, sharp turns, and straightaways.

It’s not enough to have high leg muscles to keep your wheels turning. Your whole body posture needs to be in good shape to make your performance the best possible. One of the ways to achieve a full body strength is through working on your muscles. The faster way for growing your muscles is by using some of the muscle building supplements. If you don’t know which one to choose, here’s a short list of the best muscle building supplements for BMX riders.


Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAS) is a complex of three essential acids for gaining muscle mass. Valine, isoleucine, and leucine are combined to give the best support for all those of you who are interested in building your mass in a fast way.

The most critical acid of the three is leucine. According to the research results, leucine can stimulate the muscle growth on its own. However, in combination with other two amino acids, it provides a multitude of benefits, such as increased energy level (one of the critical features for BMX riders) and the blunting of cortisol (which affects the muscle building process by inhibiting testosterone and strengthening the muscle breakdown).

Whey Protein Powder

Whey is a milk protein which has several benefits that make it one of the crucial features of muscle building supplements. Since it digests faster than most of the other proteins, whey is an excellent choice for BMX riders.

With whey in your hands, you’ll be able to stand through exhausting and challenging races. Your muscles will build rapidly with the help of whey, so you can certainly count on their support before the race.

Casein Protein Powder

Casein has always been the second choice for the bodybuilders and athletes interested in gaining more muscle volume. The reason why casein takes the second place not the first one is that it degrades slower than whey.

Casein can be a good choice for the midnight snack because it slows down the catabolism process and helps growing muscle mass overnight. It can also be used postworkout – it has the similar effects as whey does.

Testosterone Boosting Supplements

Over the last couple of years, the bodybuilding world has recognized the potential of testosterone boosting supplements. Combined with the right set of physical activity, products like Soma PRO can be very beneficial for BMX riders.

Testosterone has a profound effect on muscle growth, providing the fast results within a short period. Not only that – it can also help with muscle stretching and improving the level of endurance, which BMX riders found extremely helpful.