There are different things common in the BMX riders but most of them do not realize this fact. It is a fact that every rider needs to take all the safety precaution to stay in the game even if their tricks and challenges differ from each other.

You can never afford to take a chance during this super fast game because you never know that when an injury will put you on the sidelines.

There are different essential things that you need if you want to ensure your safety while riding a BMX. There are numerous trusted brands like ProTec, Troy Lee Designs, Giro, Leatt, Fox, and much more from where you can buy the BMX protective gear to ensure your safety.

You need to take part in several adventurous activities while riding the BMX, therefore, you must buy the necessary equipment while performing your stunts.

Stunts like freestyle can put you at a great risk of getting injured because you may lose control due to some reason. So, we’ve decided to bring you the best and essential equipment that you must buy if you want to stay safe during your BMX ride.

BMX Helmets

There are two different types of BMX helmets. One of them is known as the open face helmet and the other one is known as the full face helmet. There is not enough difference between them both as they both are supposed to protect your head from a major injury.

Open Face Helmet is usually used for the Racing purpose while full face helmet is used when you’re looking to try different stunts.

We recommend that you choose the full face BMX helmet because it does not only protect your head but it also keeps your jaws and the entire face safe from the injuries.

Neck Braces

Neck Braces will help in the dangerous situation. There are many people who got their neck damaged due to a collision with other riders. If you want to protect your neck from severe damage during the ride, then you must buy the neck braces with all other things.

Elbow Pads

Sometimes you may lose control while riding the bike and it may get your elbows damaged. In some cases, you only get the scratches on your elbows but in some severe cases, your elbow may get damaged badly and it may become impossible for you to ride again.


Gloves are also important as they help you hold the handle firmly. If you buy the excellent quality gloves, they’ll provide you the firm grip while riding. If you’re confused between choosing the right quality gloves, you may choose nitrile gloves for working with the BMX.

Shin Guards

Shin Guards will help protect your knees from the severe damage and they’ll also help strengthen your legs by keeping them in an aligned position.