The Best Halloween Ideas to Look Like Your Favorite BMX Stars

Thinking about your Halloween costume this year? We bet you’re bored to wear the same vampire, ghosts, or monsters inspired disguises and accessories. After all, you would like to make a difference in this year’s outfit.

In case you lack ideas – and you’re an avid fan of BMX rides – here’s our guide that will help you with this year’s Halloween costume.

Start with a bike

For this year’s costume, you will need a BMX. You can rent one (if there’s a bicycle renting service near you) or ask some friends to borrow one. In case you were a BMX fan since your childhood or teenage years, check out your attic – maybe your Mom still keeps your old bike around.

It’s not necessary to have a fancy bike – don’t waste your money on the new one. If you want to pimp your BMX, try using color sprays because they are cheap and will dry fast. Choose black, orange, and gold to make it Halloween spirit.

Pick a matching costume

Now that you’ve found the bike, it’s time to choose a matching dress. There are several options available. You can go with the “traditional” BMX costumes – and which are easy to find – or you can experiment a bit. Picking your favorite hero costume will go nicely with the BMX. You can go with Captain America or Flash if you’d like. To give it a Halloween note, make your face look like a zombie or a vampire – not only you’ll be looking fresh, but you’ll also have a great costume.Halloween Treats BMX

If you’re a girl, you can also have your Halloween outfit designed to match with the BMX ride. You might be even in a better position because you have a wider choice of costumes available. Whether you choose a sexy witch or a zombie nurse costume, make sure you match the colors with your ride.


If you thought that acquiring a bike and a costume is a done deal, you’re wrong. Halloween accessories play a huge part of a successful disguise, and we want to make sure your Halloween costume is the best one on the party.

How to make your outfit memorable? Choosing the accessories like swords or axes are great if you want the monster look. For a practical BMX costume, you can find the picture of your favorite star and look what makes him/her unique. Is it a riding helmet? Or maybe the gloves? Pick the thing that makes your BMX star recognizable and accessorises it to fit the Halloween spirit.

Finally, don’t forget to bring some Halloween Treats – they can make a witty accessory to your BMX Halloween costume! Plus, you’ll look even more original and authentic.