The PESSAC-VU contest is now finish,it was again a crazy weekend. Today the results with some videos and
tomarrow (tuesday) some pics with some videos surprise…have a nice day.

DIRT pro :
1.patrick GUIMEZ
2.kye FORTE
3.vincent MASSARDIER
4.romuald NOIROT
5.pacal GUERARD
6.stephane RENAUD
7.pascal BAQUET
9.loîs BERTH
10.john GARCIA

STREET pro :
1.mike MILLER
2.maxime CHARVERON
4.barry KOHNE
5.kye FORTE
6.luke TOWEY
7.joris COULOMB
8.kevin KALKOFF
9.arthur DIETRICH
10.nicolas CAMBON
11.john GARCIA
12.pascal BAQUET
13.jimmy NANBELLE
14.jerome GAUTHIER
15.fabien FRANCOIS
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